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Organization Goals

  • Defending Human Rights at the local, regional, national and international levels.
  • Monitoring the Iraqi Government and all legislation on the basis of the Iraqi Constitution and international treaties to which Iraqi is a party to ensure conformity to each.
  • Working to educate Iraqi Society on the importance of Human Rights in particular for the most vulnerable, particularly children and women and members of Iraq`s minorities the Yezidis, Sabian, Mandaen, Turkoman, Assyrian, Armenian and others.
  • Direct humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in the form of food, medicine, clothing, emergency housing and legal and professional counseling.
  • Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is concerned with the protection of human rights in all fields, internationally and nationally, while following-up activities related to human rights,monitoring violations and publishing them, following-up the extend of respect for the dignity of humans, whether this person is in normal conditions or under a penalty regulated by law. HHRO could also participate, according to its capabilities, in meetings and conferences held by the United Nations and other international organizations especially the ones partnering with HHRO and concerned with rights of women and children as one of the most urgent priorities.
  • HHRO monitors the implementation of legal legislations related to Human Rights and its correspondence to the constitution and the related international declarations and conventions, whether those ratified by Iraq or others. While recording any violationor infraction committed by any of the three authorities - Legislative, executive and judicial – working to promote a culture of human rights while seeking to provide support for the generalization of the principals and concepts of human rights within the educational system started from early stages upwards to high schools and universities, keeping up with the curriculums and working to adapt those in a way that would serve diversity and coexistence for the people of Iraq with their different sectarian, religious, cultural and ethnic affiliations.
  • HHRO issues one annual report, or more, which includes violations and claims of violations which might have beenexperienced by Iraqi citizens or foreigners living in Iraq by either governmental bodies or non-governmental ones, HHRO also issues the necessary data and booklets and it can issue publications and hold workshops and seminars, according to the available resources, to raise awareness about the importance of respecting and preserving human rights and the rights of women and children.
  • HHRO also feels that it has a humanitarian duty to keep the Presidency Council, the Parliament and the Governmental Security Agencies aware of any encroachments or violations of human rights and demand urgent measures to punish perpetrators of violations while compensating those affected, the organization could also warn the official and Non-official bodies about human rights violations which are expected to take place, that’s to avoid a humanitarian tragedy which could be the result in case they are perpetrated.
  • HHRO takes peaceful measures to confront and condemn human rights violations taking place in Iraq and classified as acts of Genocide and crimes against humanity. It is also keen to provide proper and peaceful solutions for a crisis that could destabilize the civil peace and security.
  • HHRO receives complaints submitted by individuals and Iraqi citizens living in Iraq about human rights violations and then it takes proper measures to interfere with the concerned governmental agencies to provide advice in this regards.
  • HHRO could send delegations consisting of its members to visit jails, courts, police centers and security agencies to make sure there aren’t any misuse of authority or cruel behavior in a way that would contradict with the constitution, the national legislations and the international declarations and conventions about Human Rights.
  • HHRO continues to monitor and make sure that national legislations and constitutional texts continues to be in line with Iraqi’s obligations to the international agreements related to human rights, while recording any violations.
  • HHRO cooperates and coordinates with national and international NGOs concerned with Human Rights, out of being universal human rights.
  • In addition to HHRO’s wide interest in all components of the Iraqi society, it also gives special attention to conditions of minorities such as (Chaldean Assyrian Syriacs, Armenians, Turkmen, Yazidies, MandaeanSabians, Shabak, Kaka’is, Bahai’s, the dark skinned and others).