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• Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is implementing a relief project to face the Coronavirus pandemic.

•	Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is implementing a relief project to face the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is implementing a relief project to face the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • Food baskets containing twelve food types and household sterilizers to support poor families during the home quarantine
  • The organization carries out a broad awareness-raising activity to promote a culture of commitment to health conditions to prevent the risk of the pandemic.


            Hammurabi Human Rights Organization completed a wide food project that started on last March 23 and ended on 1-7-2020, distributing food rations of (12) food items and household sterilizers to support poor families in many areas of Baghdad,including the districts of Baghdad Al-Jadidah, Al-Mashtal, Al-Habibiya ,ALmualemin, Baladiyat, Al-Amin, Nuwab Thubat , Al-Huriya, Sukeniya, Neariya, Camp Sara, Um Al-Muaalf, Al-Gazaliyah, Al-Shu'la and a number of other districts in Baghdad.


The project was supervised by Mr. William Warda, Director of Public Relations of Hammurabi Organization, Dr. Saif Adnan member of the Organization's General Board , who organized the project and the distribution process and also contributed to the personal donation.


In another step, these relief distributions included families in the districts of Nineveh and Duhok provinces, Mr.Akad Youhana member of the organization's board of directors participated in the distribution process along with Mr. Ameer Saeed  and Nashaat Samo members of the General Board .A single relief basket included thirteen types of food in addition to household sterilizers, and the number of the beneficiaries reached to 180 families, all came with financial support from the Christian Solidarity International CSI, with contribution of Iraqi donors .


The organization has adopted an unconventional distribution plan appropriate with the needs adopted for the prevention of coronavirus pandemic summarized in the diagnosis of needy families through the organization's members and monitors, addresses and contacts, and the volunteers and staff of the organization deliver the food ration to the beneficiaries home addresses according to the geographic areas in which the beneficiaries and volunteers are located.


To that end, Mr. William Warda, the project manager, expressed saying that "the project contributed to enhancing the survival of needy families in their homes and reducing the size of the infections due to Corona pandemic because the shares that were distributed cover a need for the family of (5) individuals for two or three weeks, without resorting to shopping outside the home. The rations also contained useful cleaners and sterilizers for the prevention of the pandemic he added," we thank our organization's partners, especially (CSI) for cooperation and authorizing Hammurabi for transferring  awareness-raising funding to aid  the severed people, whose interests have ceased in particular people whose interests have ceased, especially those who depend on daily wages after their income was cut off due for the total closure of businesses due to the spread of the pandemic, and we thank all volunteers, donors and contributors to this humanitarian work".


It is to be mentioned that this urgent relief program came among a list of relief activities carried out by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization to confront the risks caused by Corona pandemic and included awareness programs to adhere to home quarantine, and the wearing of masks and other health requirements as well as the project of sterilization of temples, mosques, churches and other religious monuments taking place in preparation for the return of normal life. The organization also rushed to address the National Emergency Committee for Covid-19 and expressed readiness to implement any activities proposed by that committee.