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On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day

On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day



On the occasion of March 8, International Women's Day

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization celebrates the outstanding contribution of women and calls for the renunciation of all forms of hatred that target them

Human life cannot have value without preserving the rights and dignity of women in any location

The social peace- making goes through the promotion of equality between women and men

  It is not enough to celebrate International Women's Day, to be only a remembrance or congratulation to women of what their struggle has achieved in terms of progress for their social, economic, civil and political rights across the world. Facilities of life, including decision-making in public life, the application and respect of equality in dignity and equal opportunities, but also in the peace-making process and the establishment of security in every country on the planet.

It is very clear that there is, on a continuous basis, suffering now, as a result of the unprecedented waste of the lives of thousands, or even millions of women and girls, as a result of the “sanctification of violence” under the pretext of traditions, customs, and other actions in which the violation of the right to life of women prevails. Thus, this becomes permissible, indeed legislated, and perpetuates discrimination and hatred against females at the hands of misguided terrorists among them and, unfortunately, fathers or mothers and many others, who do not value women. Here we have to refer to that Iraqi father who disavowed the values of fatherhood to scream while his child was in her mother's arms, saying: "The female is a shame for me." Immediately, he brutally killed her with a stick.

  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights promulgated on December 10, 1948, followed by the two International Covenants on Economic, Social, Cultural, Civil and Political Rights of 1966 and the two protocols annexed to them, fully recognized the rights of women on an equal basis with men. Then the international community issued, accordingly, many other important international texts that are a realistic translation of the Charter of the United Nations, which recognized the priority of preserving and protecting the dignity and rights of the human individual, and thus did not exclude women at all.

  Therefore, the state’s parties to the United Nations should take note of this and seek to implement it to renew faith in basic human rights, within the framework of the aforementioned texts in addition to the “Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women of December 18, 1979” (CEDAW), and others. Conventions, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted on November 20, 1989,

The provisions of all these agreements and other texts related to human rights should be adhered to by the state’s parties to them, including Iraq. With a fact that states and the regimes in place must be aware of in order to reduce the marginalization of international conventions: This hard work was not for fun, but because societies are being destroyed because of all the miserable mentalities devoted to coercion, violence and wars.

  At the national level, in order to put an end to brutality, many legislations must be accomplished that enable the preservation of all women's rights without derogation, and give room for those concerned to record the extent of their progress in achieving those principles stipulated in the mentioned international texts.

The eighth of March of each year should serve as an opportunity or a pause to review what we have presented, men and women, to achieve the goal of celebration and renew the move towards more opportunities to demonstrate general respect, appreciation and love for women and appreciating their economic, political and social achievements, away from racial discrimination due to sexual difference and the inferior look.

  Women are a source of higher giving for life, and a higher ideal of generosity for the family and society, which is unmatched by anyone, and celebrating it as widely as possible is an entitlement for every woman and girl.

In some countries, such as China, Russia and Cuba, women take leave on this day. Let the rest of the countries take this path that all women in the world deserve.

Blessed be your day, O generous, venerable, mother, sister, wife and partner to everyone on earth.


Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights

March 8, 2023