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The second workshop held in Baghdad within the program of awareness the rights of persons with disabilities

The second workshop held in Baghdad within the program of awareness the rights of persons with disabilities
  • The second workshop held in Baghdad within the program of awareness the rights of persons with disabilities
  • Mr. William Warda and Dr. Hamid Shehab take turns talking about disability as part of the nature of human diversity
  • Focusing on the laws and legislation that protect these rights, develop a package of knowledge and enhance chances of claiming them
  • The workshop was carried successfully, and the assigned program was fully implemented

The second training workshop on promoting the rights of persons with disabilities was launched on 5 April 2023 in Baghdad over a period of four hours introducing the concepts and legislation on these rights under the provisions of the International Convention of 2006, as well as Iraqi Law No. 38 of 2013.

Thirty four persons participate in the workshop including 27 females and 7 males who are taking care of disabilities of their family members

The project is led by Paul II Organization, funded by the Italian Agency for Cooperation and Development, and jointly implemented by the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and the Caritas International, within the framework of its objectives to enhance the knowledge of the disabilities rights stated in the International Convention for the year 2006, and Iraqi Law No. 38 of the year 2013 issued on the same rights.

The workshop program included a lecture on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights held by Dr. Hamid Shehab, in which he gave an accurate summary of the concepts and standards contained in this declaration being the comprehensive for all rights of humanity, and what other international instruments and conventions derive from, especially rights for people with disabilities, whereas, Mr. William Warda shed light on the International Convention of 2006 for Persons with disabilities and the underlying foundations and concepts it contains ,the provisions of the constitution concerned with people with disabilities and Law No. 38 of 2013 regarding people with disabilities.

The two lectures were out of the traditional contexts through circulation and interpretation of the contents that ensure the formation of an information circle among the participants in the workshop allowing to claim the rights of their disabilities.

Among the other contexts of the workshop program was the division of participants into four groups to discuss the challenges they face. The four groups were given enough time to write down the appropriate treatments and suggested recommendations in this regard, and assigning representatives to present what was reached to the attendees. The first two forms were also distributed related to the protection of The privacy of the participants in the workshop, and the second is an initial evaluation questionnaire at the beginning of the workshop and a final one that was distributed before the end of the workshop to test the importance of what they gained during it.

The implementation of the workshop did not face any challenges, rather it was achieved in a clear flow that allowed the implementation of its agenda. The workshop was held in the presence of Mrs. Federica Lilo, representative of John Paul II Foundation in Iraq, number of Caritas International cadres concerned with the project, Eng. Mohamed Essam, director of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization.