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The third training workshop hosted Mr. Mohamed Al-Shaikhli, Child Protection Section – UNICEF

The third training workshop hosted Mr. Mohamed Al-Shaikhli, Child Protection Section – UNICEF


  • The third training workshop hosted Mr. Mohamed Al-Shaikhli, Child Protection Section – UNICEF
  • Mohammed Al-Sheikhly shed light on the efforts made by the organization to fulfill children's rights
  • Al-Sheikhly reviews the plan of UNICEF to implement its programs and develop tools of cooperation with the government for children protection
  • working towards a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system on Child protection
  • Mohammad Turki Al-Obeidi: There is a need for an output to a national plan to protect the rights of the child
  • The third training workshop management has set aside its training program on November 17th to a lecture by Mr. Mohammed Al-Shaikhli from Child Protection Section – UNICEF addressing the organization's vision in implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The workshop began on November 15, 2020 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Justice in Baghdad within the advocacy and capacity building project to support the Iraqi government in achieving its obligations regarding the Convention (work of the governmental team)



The project included four workshops supported by UNICEF and in cooperation with Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and the Bawabet Al-Adala Organization.

Mr. William Warda, the project manager presented Mr. Mohamed Al-Sheikhly to the participants briefing information of the 2nd day of the training workshop and the importance of the two applied exercises carried out by  the participants for the national plan on the rights of displaced children, as well as the rights of children of displaced minorities.

Mr. Mohammad Al-Sheikhly reviewed the UNICEF policy and plan in Iraq that UNICEF undertakes the task of cooperating with the Iraqi government in developing executive frameworks for children's rights and also dealing with relevant authorities, noting that Iraqi laws are distinct, but the defects in applications and deficiencies in understanding the meaning of texts, and noted of not considering the view of children regarding the human rights support proposed to protect, and the exposure of children to domestic violence and its serious effects on their lives. Al-Sheikhly address the task and importance of the role of social researcher in reforming psychological and social cases, as well as the urgent need to achieve justice in distributing educational staff ensuring a comprehensive monitoring and reporting system on child protection.

On his part, Dr. Mohammad Turki Al-Obeidi, Director of the Human Rights Department in the Ministry of Justice, stressed the importance of having periodic outputs of the National Plan for the Protection of the Rights of the Child, stressing the importance of a clear government policy that would ensure child protection standards, including the prevention of military recruitment. Dr. Al-Obeidi then presented two exercises the first on child labor and economic exploitation, and the second on street children, and the results were then discussed and consistency with human rights standards.