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A statement by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization follows with bitterness and sorrow what is happening in the province of Basra.

A statement by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization follows with bitterness and sorrow what is happening in the province of Basra.
  • The statement urges government institutions and the coordination of demonstrators and protesters to take responsibility to put an end to the security and environmental disaster in the province.
  • The use of excessive force, vandalism and destruction does not reflect conscious and civilized behavior.
  • National civic engagement in the face of disaster and the adoption of immediate and long-term solutions are now required.


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is following with more sorrow and bitterness what is going on in the province of Basra, the flagrant violation of human rights values and the principles of democracy, the most obvious of which is demonstration and freedom of expression. That what is happening from the irresponsible deal reveals the extent of imbalance, confusion and devotions in time and effort.

That the killing and the use of live bullets and tear gas during these days in Basra, as well as qualitative arrests are not the procedures that should be dealt with the citizens of isolation and clearly declare their demands through demonstrations and sit-ins. If some justify this by defending government institutions and keeping them from burning, vandalism and destruction, these cruel and inhumane measures are not the proper means to protect these institutions.

At the same time, the resort of some demonstrators to such subversive operations harms the truth of legitimate demands of the demonstrators, and this will lead to the deepening of the crisis and not to resolve and address, but the possibility of proliferation opportunities for looting and robbery, and in turn reflects the extent of government failure In responding to democratically required entitlements.

It also reflects the extent of corruption, neglect, default and the unacceptable handling of citizens demands, which are demands and rights that are not the result of its day, but it has remained marginalized and the voice of its people inaudible since the beginning of the nineties of the last century and worse since 2003.

That Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is following what is happening in the province of Basra, it calls on all concerned parties in the local government and the federal government and the coordination of the responsible for the demonstrations and sit-ins to act by national and human rights responsibility for radical solutions to the water crisis there and the suffering of the province of delays and lack of projects that would achieve sustainable development and, above all, human development.

It is also important to note that we are in position of responsibility for human rights and relief in accordance with the possibilities available in cooperation with civil society organizations. We express our readiness for any relief measures as possible in cooperation with community organizations, civil and other parties responsible for putting an end to the failures and in order to adopt immediate measures and long-term measures to protect citizens and abide by the values ​​of the civil state, which in the care of its citizens is the gateway to any good relations.