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HHRO have had partnerships with national, regional and international organizations, it is also a member and a founding member of a group of networks, special forums and civil society organizations. 

HHRO is a founding member in the following networks:

  • Alliance of Iraqi Minorities.
  • The Iraqi Forum for Human Rights Organizations.
  • The Iraqi Women Network.
  • AFRO Network – Asian for a Civil State.

HHRO has partnerships with supporting and funding international organizations such as:

  • Christian Solidarity International (CSI) based in Switzerland.
  • Minority Rights Group (MRG) based in London.
  • The Italian Nuvitra Foundation based in Turin, Italy.
  • The French province of PACA based inMarseille, France.

HHRO’s partners in the private sector:

  • Al-Makkok incorporation for General Contracting – Baghdad.
  • Al-Jaher incorporation for General Trade – Baghdad.
  • Rabban Alsafina incorporation – Baghdad.
  • AL-Turath AL-Areeq General Contracting Company Ltd - Baghdad
  • AL-Dhayaghm for General Contracting Company Ltd - Baghdad

HHRO also has a relationship of cooperation and coordination with known international organizations such as:

  • Amnesty International.
  • Human Rights Watch.
  • United States Institute of Peace (USIP).
  • United Nations – UNAMI’s office in Baghdad and Erbil.
  • Women Universal Christian Organization – based in Rome.
  • Femina Europa – based in Lyon, France.
  • UN High Commissioner for Human Rights – Iraq’s office.
  • Representatives of the diplomatic department present in Baghdad and concerned with Human Rights, such as the representative of the European Union and others.

Nationally, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization has relations of cooperation and coordination with the majority of the known Iraqi civil society organizations concerned with human rights and minorities, it also coordinates with the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq.