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Founders & Board Members

The Board of Administration

  1. Mrs. Sorya Youhana Isho (Pascale Warda) President
  2. Mr. Louis Marqous Ayoub is in charge of Relief Projects and Programs committee
  3. Mr. William Warda in charge of Media and Public Relations and Finance Committee.
  4. Mr. Saif Adnan Arhim, in charge of Monitoring and Documentation committee.
  5. Dr. Mohammad Kathem in charge of studies and research and the Legal Committee.


Members Honorary

Dr. John Eibner

Dr. Hameed Shihab

Mr. Samir Afram Jarjor

Mr. Jan Anton Yousif

Mr. Jolian Binyamen

Mr. Shwan Shafik

Mr. Yousif Semaan

Mr. Akram Aashor