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"According to a letter received from observers in Basra to Hammurabi Human Rights Organization"


  • A security force raids into the house of the citizen (Habib Thaher), of the black skin in Basra under the pretext fraud and sorcery
  • The complaint that arrived at Hammurabi states that the citizen Habib Thaher is practicing spiritual rituals that return to African roots and do not harm any one

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization received a complaint from Basra province stating that a security force belonging to the Economic Intelligence Department in the Ministry of Interior raided the house of Habib Thaher of the black skin on the morning of 11/8/2019, they searched the house but were unable to arrest him for leaving the house from the roof and escaping to an unknown destination amid the horror of women and children.

The raid came under the pretext that Habib is practicing spiritual rituals dating back to ancient African roots named (Alziran) inherited the black skin of their grandfathers who migrated from Africa to Basra.

According to the message to Hammurabi Organization, which also stated that what Habib is doing does not represent any transgression or abuse of any belief.

The letter writer concluded his message saying, why not raid many shops of sorcery and fraud that practice their rituals in full view and why the rituals of the black skin is aimed at raiding only others, and called on the international public opinion and the United Nations to know what is going on of violations and prosecutions against the black skin component .