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Hammurabi Human Rights Organization condemns the heinous crime targeting the tourist resort of Beregh in Zakho

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization condemns the heinous crime targeting the tourist resort of Beregh in Zakho

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization condemns the heinous crime targeting the tourist resort of Beregh in Zakho

  • Targeting areas of Iraqi civilian from outside the borders is a violation of Iraqi sovereignty and the international law
  • It is required that the Iraqi government has to protect Iraq's sovereignty and submit an international complaint to hold the perpetrators accountable and to compensate Iraq and the victims.

Once again, Iraqi civilians are targeted, Iraq's sovereignty is violated in broad daylight, the blood of innocents is shed, making lives of Iraqi's cheap.

Days after unidentified helicopters targeted the homes of Iraqi civilians in the towns of Bashiqa and Bahzani in Nineveh, today the Beregh tourist resort in Zakho is subjected to a barbaric bombardment by drones, causing a massacre killing up to 10 civilians and injuring more than 25 others  as a preliminary result, most are civilian tourists from areas of Baghdad and the cities of southern Iraq, who spend vacation with their families and children in the national tourist areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

This heinous crime and its predecessors, most pointed to the perpetration of Turkey, if these accusations and allegations are proven to be true, it is a condemned as an international crime, Turkey should be held accountable for it, constituting a violation of Iraq’s national sovereignty and a disregard for international humanitarian and legal rules, besides loss of life and causing displacement, as well as material and economic losses by disrupting the movement of national tourism and an unsafe environment in the region for national and foreign tourism.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization condemns and denounces the heinous crime and other crimes targeting Iraqi sovereignty, threatening the lives of innocent civilians and shedding blood, demands the Iraqi government and concerned parties for a firm national stance to investigate the crime and ascertain the perpetrators and if it is proven that Turkey is actually involved in this act of aggression, an international complaint should be submitted to the United Nations to hold Turkey accountable internationally and demand compensation to Iraq and those affected.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization calls on the Iraqi government to act seriously and resolutely in protecting the Iraqi sovereignty, borders and citizens from ongoing violations targeting Iraqi sovereignty and to put an end to the regional military interventions, and not to allow Iraq to be an arena for political and security liquidations for Turkey or other states, or for non-state actors.

From another standpoint , Hammurabi organization appeals to the international community to stop the silence and indifference to the international abuses and violations against Iraq as a member state of the United Nations, and to commit a crime against its innocent civilians, and calls for the international accountable authorities for the real perpetrators of this crime to be held and not to allow them to evade punishment under the pretexts and justifications of persecuting and targeting opponents and outlaws across the border, and working to compensate Iraq for the losses resulted from these interventions, and the necessity of compensating innocent civilian victims.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

Baghdad 20 July 2022