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Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is completing the first stage of the road lighting and road safety project in Karaqoush and Karamlis

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is completing the first stage of the road lighting and road safety project in Karaqoush and Karamlis
  • The project is supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and in coordination with the two municipalities
  • The response of the people and their keenness on the project is confirmed by many community initiatives
  • Project overall coordinator, Mr. Louis Marqos Ayoub, and the project's director, Mr. Yohanna Yousef Tawaya


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is completing the first stage of the road lighting and road safety project in Karaqoush and Karamlis within the Nineveh Plain as part of the initiative to promote community resilience and within the framework of the contract between the organization and the Chemonics organization and funded by the US Agency for International Development ( USAID).

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization started the project on (12,13,15 and 16 January 2019) by a series of meetings with stakeholders from Hamdanyia Traffic Station and the Directorate of Al-Hamdaniya Municipality in Al-Hamdaniya District, the first meeting was held on Saturday 12/1/2019 in the traffic section held with the director of Al-Hamdaniyah Municipality the Chief Engineer (Johnny Chamoun), in the presence of Eng. (Yohanan Behnam), Head of Urban Planning in Al-Hamdania Municipality and the Engineering Surveyor (Munther Meti) Responsible for planning cities and streets Along with the official of the traffic detachment Hamdaniya.

In a later step, the Directorate of Al-Hamdaniya Municipality and the Hamdanyia Traffic visited Karamlis district to determine the places where the traffic signs and bumps will be fixed and marked on the field map to be ready for implementation.

The work of the partial completion of the installation of traffic signs and bumps in Karamlis was started in the morning of 23/1/2019 and ended on Saturday, February 3, 2019. In coordination with the departments of Al-Hamdaniya Municipality and Hamdaniya Traffic Station, where (50) traffic signs were installed and (230) m of traffic bumps were fixed and below the details of the completion of the work began on the first day in the implementation of the first phase of the contract which is firming (50) traffic signs in Karamlis district.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization met the clergy of the town the Bishop Thabit and with the ecclesiastical body of the laity. They were informed about the nature of the project that will be implemented in Karamlis and we hope that there will be guidance from the patron of the church to urge the people of the town to cooperate with the project implementers for the good of the town. In the course of the work, Hammurabi did not face any challenge in its work inside the town, but what was noticed was the original feeling of the people in their urgent requests to increase the amount of bumps in the village. Each one of them wished to have a traffic bumps on their street to minimize accidents and the inconvenience caused by some unruly motorists.

As well as the clear response of most of the people through their appreciation and gratitude to Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and the USAID for this valuable and useful project. This was evident from the interest of the city's mayor, Mr. George Issa Yacoub, who showed daily follow-up during the implementation of the project. He was accompanying the project owners himself.

Besides the insistence of the citizens that Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and USAID to increase their interest in the issue of road safety by increasing the traffic bumps in the town and distributed in all internal roads paved to reduce traffic accidents.

 In this context, the Al-Rabea neighborhood road was opened for entry and exit after it was closed since the liberation began. It was closed because of the lack of the possibility of placing bumps and traffic signs that would facilitate the placing of a checkpoint by the town's security forces to secure entry and exit.

But as a result of the street lighting project and the safety of public roads this is achieved. Traffic barriers were installed at the entrance and exit of the road with lighting, and then the road was opened to the people to enter the town after lifting the rubble and dirt that was closing the road and today became a walk and a security guard and traffic.

The general coordinator of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization for the project is Mr. Louis Marqos Ayoub, vice president of the organization. The project is managed by Mr. Yohanna Yousef Tawaya, head of the organization's branch in Erbil.