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Mrs. Pascale Warda in an interview with the BBC in English, parliamentary elections represent a new revolution towards reform.

Mrs. Pascale Warda in an interview with the BBC in English, parliamentary elections represent a new revolution towards reform.
  • Mrs. Pascale Warda in an interview with the BBC in English, parliamentary elections represent a new revolution towards reform.
  • What happened in these elections represents a new opportunity for politicians to believe in the principles of democracy and exercise in the rotation of power.
  • Today,Iraqi politicians have become aware that the people are already the source of authority and a strong government can now be formed to serve the country and its citizens but it is not easy.


Mrs Pascale Warda, Chairwoman of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, former Minister of Migration and Displaced, member of Iraqi Women's Network, described the parliamentary elections held on May 12, 2018 as an important step considered a step towards a serious political revolution essential to the Iraqi general political line.

In an interview with the English-language British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in Kahramana Sq. in Baghdad on May 14, 2018, Warda said she believed that political equations would change in the light of the election's results and there would be a different curve than the situation before.

That the results of elections announced so far is a shock to politicians who always consider the post to them. Hoping they will discover that people is the source of power which is in practice today, and that these politicians must realize that democratic systems in its main part mean the continuous circulation of power.

In a response to another question, Mrs. Warda said that the next political scene will be led by the mass of " Saeroon" and it can form a strong new government of technocrats and experts on both levels not only competencies and certificates but also specialization with political and administrative expertise for those who can provide their potential to serve the citizens basically, crossing all sectarian boundaries, and this is what the Sadrists did when they allied with the Communists.

In conclusion, there is a new political map full of surprise beyond the concept of the Shiite-Shiite alliance and that the next government has moved away from the concept of bargaining and deals, of course Iraq now needs a new political awakening beyond the remnants of the recent past and move Iraq to the stage of development, construction and good living, and give more governmental attention to services that have been so far out of reach yet easy to achieve.

On the US position and neighboring countries (Iran specifically) about what happened, Mrs. Warda said that the task in this will be the head of the Iraqi diplomacy expected, I mean the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the successful engagement with other countries, and here the Prime Minister, who will have to choose a personality with political experience and an international perspective in foreign and international relations in order to develop the relations of Iraq at the regional and international levels with mutual interests, respect for borders and good neighborliness, away from unwanted interference in the affairs of the country, whatever the case. As for the relationship with the United States of America, Iraq has to invest in strategic agreements and relations mutual friendship and development in favor of stability in Iraq after all that Iraq and the United States have played in the history of Iraq since the fall of the dictatorial regime in 2003. By strengthening these relations in order to benefit from the technological expertise of the US and others towards building a strong economy in the service of Iraq through the exchange of common interests.

It is important to note that Iraq's foreign relations should reflect a clean, reformed government's position free from all pressure of corruption.

Mrs. Pascale Warda continuing her speech to BBC the British Tv regarding women and her role in the elections said that number of women have obtained parliamentary seats from outside the Quota and this is an important development and confirms that the country is in dire need of women, primarily confirms the awareness of the Iraqi street in the role of women and the need to exploit efficiency and integrity in rebuilding a government capable of running the country.