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Statement by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

Statement by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization


Statement by Hammurabi Human Rights Organization


  • Strong condemnation of the massacres committed against demonstrators in Nasiriyah, Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad.


  • We call on the Iraqi authorities to exert more efforts to confront the interventions and demonic causes that lead innocent people lives.


With more attention and active field follow-up ,Hammurabi Human Rights Organization condemns the bloody crimes being committed against Iraqi demonstrators, especially the massacres in Nasiriya, Najaf, Karbala and Baghdad, where innocent blood was shed, they were demanding their rights, we in Hammurabi human rights organization wonder what kind of conscience those who ordered all these massacres against number of Iraqi children and youth and who carry out the killing? Do successive coffins mean nothing to those in parliament and government? Or are those responsible for these crimes odious strangers? Are those in power forgetting that the responsibility for crimes committed since the beginning of the youth uprising rests primarily with those who make political and legislative decision-making? And that the disavowal of responsibility cannot be accepted whatever the excuses and reasons are.


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization strongly condemns the continued use of live ammunition against demonstrators, which resulted the deliberate killing of youth demanding legitimate rights. It also deplores the inability of the Iraqi authorities not to protect their citizens, and their inability to protect the country from outside interference in Iraqi affairs.


We call on the Iraqi authorities to exert all efforts to face the interventions and demonic causes that lead to the death of hundreds of Iraqi youth every day.


Our hearts exude blood to Iraqi youth and children who are martyrs and wounded, we reiterate to say that all what authorities are doing not to prevent the use of weapons and marginalize the security of demonstrators is totally rejected, and they have to disclose these crimes and punish the perpetrators, and as soon as possible, all the authorities must respond to all the demands of the demonstrators to inject blood and bring the country back to its natural path in a manner that respects the principles and manifestations of democracy, the most important of which is the right of demonstration, free expression, assembly, publication and other rights and freedoms that are so essential for the development of daily life under a democratic system that should be excluded all means inherited from the abomination and torture of human being.