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Statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization on the current events in the country

Statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization on the current events in the country

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization followed with great concern the unfortunate events that took place in the country during the past four days, while declaring its deep sorrow for the deaths of demonstrators and security forces, it is interested to confirm that the demonstrations are a natural right within the Constitution, legislation, instruments and international conventions guaranteeing human rights Iraq has become obliged to implement them, and that the demands of the demonstrators are legitimate and unquestionable.

That Hammurabi Human Rights Organization has already warned of the economic crisis in Iraq, which is represented by the lack of services and the spread of corruption and stagnation in development, and the lack of decisive deterrents to reduce the rampant corruption of many institutions of the Iraqi state.

There is also a clear violation of the concept of public freedoms that must be safeguarded without any pretext, and it is also important to distinguish a clear distinction between the national opposition and the enemies that persist in the country and try to exploit the demands to implement an agenda against the country.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, follows these events, and emphasizes the importance of the government taking measures to bring about a radical reform in the economic and service structure and away from economic patchwork policies that cannot serve the existence of sustainable human development and put an end to the phenomena of idleness, stubbornness and neglect.

The organization also calls on the security forces and demonstrators to exercise restraint and not to override public order, and appeals to everyone to protect public property, and that the next phase will see serious dialogues between all components of Iraqi society and government joints and the House of Representatives and civil society organizations in order to seriously promote the economic reality. As well as working by all means possible to achieve changes in areas that would promote the principles of human rights and the development of industrial, agricultural and service development covering the needs of all Iraqis without exception on the basis that it includes justice for all.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

4- October - 2019