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Statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its founding

Statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its founding


Statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its founding


With the appearance of the First of April 2020, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization will have been established for 15 years of its long life, and the edifices of human rights and relief work accomplished in these two fields have become milestones marked by more human, national and moral values and principles that confirmed their distinguished field presence, effort, perseverance and justice in Fairness of the oppressed and the marginalized, and if it is not possible for the organization’s administration, the General Board, volunteers and friends to celebrate this occasion of this year.

 Given the exceptional circumstances in which Iraq is going through in facing the challenge posed by Coronavirus, then we feel that our true celebration is in the relief programs that the organization is implementing now in support of citizens and regularization in awareness and precautionary efforts to face this challenge and implement programs that support the government effort in prevention, in the disinfection and sterilization of various centers and institutions such as churches, mosques, Husayniyas, halls, markets and places that host large human settlements, As well as engaging in a broad relief program in delivering food rations to tens of marginalized and poor families who depend on gaining their livelihood to work with daily wages, the organization also open a link with the crisis cell and announced readiness for any preventive action or a suitable relief according to the available capabilities.


In recalling the occasion, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization interested in indicating that it has adopted its path with high transparency and integrity, which has earned it high appreciation, respect and trust of local and international solid bodies, organizations and personalities.


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization as living the work of the past 15 years, has already been honored to have bravely exposed all forms of violations against the rights of Iraqi's and follow up field monitoring and dealing with family violence targeting women, as well as the unjust laws and legislation that the backward tendencies are trying to establish, monitored and exposed all policies of marginalization, containment and the absence of minority rights.


What is counted for Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is its open support for all Iraqi segments and components subjected to unfair policies and negative discrimination. The organization has adopted a method based on addressing errors as well as disclosure, evaluation and suggest solutions and recommendations.


The organization held hundreds of seminars, workshops and conferences and issued numerous studies, research and diagnostic data to promote rights and freedoms and to ensure justice and equality for all Iraqis.


The organization also devoted its extensive relations inside and outside Iraq on the path that would enhance the rights of Iraqis and raise awareness in establishing a rational rule based on institutional and legal work, and visited prisons and reform centers to strengthen punitive policies by the human and moral margin.


It is considered that Hammurabi Human Rights Organization was at the forefront of civil organizations that have dealt in the field since the early days in dealing with the consequences of brutal and destructive crimes committed by the terrorist groups of ISIS in Nineveh and other provinces.


The organization has launched extensive relief programs to support the displaced people who left their cities, towns and villages under the pressure of the brutal terrorism of ISIS, and documented on the ground those crimes and instances that amount to genocide to disqualify the truth including investigative documentation of survivors of captivity and rape committed by ISIS , as well as the murders, kidnappings, looting and force to change religious affiliations, and all these facts are genocide crimes, as witnessed by the international community.


In the achievements that accompanied and followed the pages of liberating the regions from ISIS , Hammurabi  Organization was keen to implement extensive programs to reform laws and educational curricula, to support displaced persons,  refugees and asylum seekers and rehabilitate them legally, socially and psychologically, and open service centers for them in this direction, and to support the foundations and programs of returning to their areas and homes by restoring and reconstructing houses, schools, roads, and to secure electrical lighting, healthy water and other safety, health and security Services.


The organization also started to support rehabilitation programs for returnees on the basis required to achieve transitional justice through compensation and integration, calling for prosecution of those who have committed terrorist crimes, and work to spread a culture of reconciliation and solidarity.


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization is restoring and continuing to achieve more human and relief activities, as it has been keen from the beginning to be a democratic organization through an internal system that responds to its aspirations, electoral conferences and periodic administrative reviews.


We express our gratitude, thanks and appreciation to the organizations, bodies and other actors that support, finance and advocate for us, as we are from the same premises interested in thanking and highly appreciating members of the General Board, our supporters and the volunteers whose positions will continue cherish and appreciate.


The achievements that protect the human beings continued, and the volunteer work that promotes homelands continued.


Greetings to all employees of Hammurabi Organization members, volunteers and employees on this dear occasion, which comes concurrently with the Iraqis' celebrations of Akito Day, the Assyrian year's Day, wishing our Iraqi people and all humanity health, safety and security.


Blessed you this day, blessed you Akito. May God bless you

  Board of Directors of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

  Baghdad, March 30, 2020