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The second statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization issued on the current events in Iraq

The second statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization issued on the current events in Iraq

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization  followed the solutions issued by the Parliament Speaker Mohammed al-Halboosi and Prime Minister Dr. Adel Abdul-Mahdi and to the extent that these solutions see a relatively positive response to the demands of the demonstrators, but they remain subject

To a previous statement of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization indicating that Iraq and in a decisive moment in the field test of the possibility of their fair application in time frames that are not subject to any time and political waiting, and that the rights of the demonstrators and the rights of all poor social strata must be fully and decisively won as they suffered greatly due to government negligence and the absence of legislative and judicial plans. In the fight against corruption, which has become serious sensitivities represented by the waste of public funds, the spread of banditry, theft, inequality in employment opportunities, lack of sustainable human development and severe weaknesses in municipal services, electrical and health.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and its keenness to follow-up on the ground continuously sees a critical need to put an end to the blood of unarmed Iraqis, these innocent and pure blood that fled with judicial punishment for the perpetrators without any delay, and Hammurabi declares its sympathy and solidarity with the families of the martyrs.

At present, our country is in dire need of a full political, economic and human rights review that guarantees the rights of all marginalized poor groups and minorities. Societal justice and equality should also be pursued, beginning with steps towards transitional justice to hold perpetrators accountable for murder, because it is the guarantor of any democratic political approach the country needs to strengthen its stability and achieve civil peace.

Finally, the organization affirm full solidarity with all Iraqis who raise legitimate demands regardless of their affiliations and areas of presence.

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

7- October 2019