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Hammurabi issued its annual report on the situation of human rights of minorities in Iraq in 2011


 The Hammurabi Organization for Human Rights issued its annual report on the status of the human rights of minorities in Iraq in 2011. The report revealed the availability of a favorable legal environment for the protection of minorities in Iraq, and the extent of the existence of legislative and legal guarantees organizing their rights, the report have adopted a descriptive analysis methodology and the legal methodology through the study of some articles of the Constitution and laws and their applications, and the extent of their adaptation to the process of democratization in the country, as well as the report was based on sampling and field monitoring, meetings and direct interviews , and information of the members and supporters of the organization deployed in a number of Iraqi provinces, and to letters, complaints and reports and allegations received by the Organization from Iraqi citizens, as well as some civil society institutions concerned with human rights and minorities and their media.

The report addressed the constitutional articles and some Iraqi legislation and its applications, and violations and abuses suffered by the sons of minorities in general in 2011, the report focused mainly on the situation of Christians, Yazidis, Shabak,and Sabean Mandean, and the religious freedoms and practices of discrimination, and file of migration and returning to the homeland and the file missing, disappearing and abducted , and the question of impunity, and the file and grabbing the land, confiscation of property and the deices of demographic change, the report also examined the role of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government in achieving the protection and justice and the prohibition of discrimination and other topics.

 In conclusion, the report recommended the need to enact laws or amend certain laws to support and strengthen the protection of minorities, and resort to a policy of positive discrimination in political participation and representation in state institutions, according to the international declarations and covenants to fulfill justice for minorities, also the report called to urge the government to interest in the development of infrastructure in minority areas, and to prevent the abuses on their villages, and returning their confiscated property and their land, respecting religious freedoms and cultural rights , linguistic, and the tightening of accountability for staff and public officials who discriminate. As the report called for support of returning migrants and displaced persons belonging to minorities and bring them back to their jobs and their faculties and institutes, and called greater attention to the file of the missing and the disappeared persons of minorities, and to compensate the families and relatives of the victims of violence and terrorism, and stop the practice of restricting the population and freedoms in the areas called disputed areas..


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 - Report of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization (HHRO)-2011.

1- Appendix (A) Christians victims of terrorism and violence (2003-2001).


2- Appendix (B) Christians victims of U.S Military Processes before 9th April 2003.


3- Appendix (C) list of Christians kidnapped (2003-2004).

4- Appendix (D) list of bombed churched and Christian houses of worship (2003-2011).

5- Appendix (E) list of Assassination attempts.

6- Appendix (F) list of the names of wounded and injured.

7- Appendix (G) list of abuses and damages.

8- Appendix (H) list of Chaldo Assyrian Christian disappeared and missing in the Anfal processes 1988.

9- Appendix (I) list of Yezidies killed in 2011.

10- Appendix (J) list of Shabaks killed in 2011.

11- Appendix (K) list of disappeared and missing.

12- Appendix (L) list of suicide cases of Yezidies killed in 2011.