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The Assyrian Democratic Movement and the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization exchange visits

The Assyrian Democratic Movement and the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization exchange visits
  • The Assyrian Democratic Movement and the Hammurabi Human Rights Organization exchange visits
  • An open disclosure that addressed the negative repercussions of the past towards establishing normal relations.

Based on Hammurabi's human rights approach, principles and attitudes that stand at the same distance of the rights of all human beings in general and advocating the rights of all Iraqis alike, in particular defending the rights of marginalized groups and national minorities that make up the fabric of Iraqi society, without confusing its functions as an independent, impartial human rights organization that does not bias or affiliated with any political or partisan party, but respects and supports the democratic process and its correct foundations and principles. Based on these values and concepts, Mrs. Pascale Warda, head of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and Mr. William Warda, Director of Public Relations of the Organization, welcomed further the delegation of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, headed by the General Secretary, Mr. Yaqoub (Johnny) Georgis, and his deputy Engineer Nineb Toma Zebari, son of the immortal martyr Youssef Toma, the head of the founders of the Assyrian Democratic Movement, who was martyred by the fascist regime in 1985, after being tortured and executed, along with his colleagues Yobert and Yohanna, out of all standards of humanity in the notorious Abu Ghraib prison. The guest delegation visited the main headquarters of the Hammurabi Organization in Baghdad on November 10, 2023.

During the meeting, a frank dialogue took place between the two sides about the importance of exchanging relations to enhance the unity and solidarity of the Chaldean, Assyrian, and Syriac components, and even Christians in general.

The two parties discussed the ways to remove the estrangement and distancing which caused great harm, and were even a clear cause of many phenomena of fluctuation in facing the national fateful challenges, and the terrorist challenges that targeted Iraqi Christians of all sects.

Mrs. and Mr. Warda stressed that doubts, personal attacks, fabrication, and attempts to distort facts are phenomena that should be eliminated from any future trends. On the other hand, purity of intention is the necessary essence for any balanced relationship, and because Hammurabi ultimately aims to eliminate or limit violations and has no interest in the race for power or victory.

For his part, Mr. Yaqoub expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the efforts of Mrs. Pascale and Mr. William Warda, and all the cadres and members of the Hammurabi Organization in rising to the level of the position that preserves the unity of Iraqis in general and Christians in particular and preserves the Assyrian identity, regardless of all the respectable names that are used for this same authentic component.

Expressing the importance of this reform step for the relationship between the two parties, Hammurabi Organization support came with the visit of Mrs. Pascale and Mr. William Warda to the headquarters of the Assyrian Democratic Movement in Baghdad on November 22, 2023.

They were received by Mr. Yaqoub Georgis and his deputy Engineer Nineb Toma Zebari, Mrs. Sharara Yousef, candidate for the Provincial Council, and a number of cadres of the movement, where the relations dialogue between the two sides was completed. Mr. Warda concluded the talk by saying that only what is correct is correct and each of us must perform his duty as required, to come up with remedies that serve the oppressed citizen before searching for oneself in public work spaces. Our human rights and humanitarian work is in the interest of every person with lost rights whose situation reaches us through the monitoring channels available to our organization, and we do not distinguish between human rights violators, regardless of their origins or missions.