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To the Holy Synod of the esteemed Assyrian Church of the East

To the Holy Synod of the esteemed Assyrian Church of the East

Date :6/9/2021


To the Holy Synod of the esteemed Assyrian Church of the East

On this special occasion of the Holy Synod convention and the election of His Holiness the new Patriarch Mar Awa Ruel as Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East , in advance of our name and on behalf of all members, volunteers and supporters of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, , we extend our sincere wishes and congratulations to all fathers of the Synod and the generous believers, wishing all success and holiness and further consolidation of the foundations of the church unity with the rest of the churches of Christ in implementation of his divine request  "Be one as I and the Father are one.”


Also, on this great occasion, I dedicate His Holiness the new Patriarch Mar Awa Royel with sincere congratulations and wishes, wishing him health, safety, and the spiritual and physical strength necessary to perform this sacred task in the service of the divine word of the Lord.


We also extend our thanks and gratitude to His Holiness,  Mar Georgis III Sliwa , the former Patriarch, who made great efforts in extremely difficult circumstances despite all challenges, including health, security and others, he did not skimp on his support and management of the church inside and outside Iraq indeed, he was one of the most influential figures that all Christians can be proud of as a result of fatherly kindness to receive the believers and the parties concerned with their problems, also grateful for establishing the great openness to other churches in the hope of fulfilling all the requirements of ecclesiastical unity by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, we ask him for health and peace. Thanks for his outstanding efforts

May the Lord bless you all, and his Holy Spirit guide you and bless your efforts, and be sure of our prayers for you


Pascale Warda

Founding member and chairwoman of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

Founding member and head of relations and media for the Iraqi Women Network

Former Minister of Migration