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Urgent Call

Urgent Call


Hammurabi Human Rights Organization announces a donation campaign to face the crisis of drinking water in Basra.

To the members and supporters of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and the affordable of our people, partners and citizens who are able to contribute to face the environmental disaster in the province of Basra, we are honored at Hammurabi Human Rights Organization to extend you multitude greetings and appreciation and are pleased to announce the opening of financial donations In supporting and empowering the citizens in the province of Basra and meet their demands for access s to drinking water for consumption.

We are offering subscriptions to national donations expressing our commitment to adopt transparency to achieve this campaign and in accordance with clear and clean criteria and mechanisms that ensure the value of these donations from water purchases to the citizens there, depending on the organization's experiences in supporting the victims of terrorism and armed violence in general of refugees and displaced persons and our executive balance we have.

All donors who wish to donate can send their donations to the following bank account:

Credit Bank of Iraq

Baghdad - Saadoun Street near Kahramana Square Building 187

Account number in $USD: 001-019535-8001

Account number in Iraqi Dinars: 002-019535-8001

Or through access to the offices of the organization in Baghdad, Erbil and Nineveh Plain (Karakush), and can be used to contact the organization's

e-mail (

For inquiries and contact please call the following numbers:

(00964-7705844314) or (00964-7901448651(

The funding campaign will take two weeks starting from 10/9/2018 until 25/9/2018.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude


Hamnurabi Human Rights Organization

Mrs. Sorya Youhana Isho (Pascale Warda)