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A group of policemen, rank of a Major, breaks into the house of the citizen Nejud Lutfi

  • The raid was carried out without a judicial order and without the escort of the mayor of the district
  • The female citizen Nejud files a lawsuit regarding the raid

Hammurabi Human Rights Organization received a phone call from Basra stating that the apartment housing the female citizen Nejud Lutfi was raided by few policemen on the responsibility of the Major Walid from the office of combating crimes- Basra/Al Maqal on 1/5/2019 at 1:00 p.m. without the escort of the mayor of the district, who should accompany any police raiding citizens homes.

The group of police who broke into the house was without any judicial authorization and searched it arbitrarily and then left the house.

Mrs. Nejud Lutfi, a mother of four daughters, is a member of Ansar Al-Hurriya Association –Office of Women. She filed a lawsuit over the incident