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Weekly Report on the summary of activities of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization From 2/1/2019 To 12/1/2019


  • Mrs. Pascale Warda, Chairwoman of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, addressed a general congratulatory message on the occasion of Christmas and the New Year 2019.
  • According to the plan of the year 2018, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization completed implementing most of its human rights and relief projects, the last of which was the distribution of 625 water filters implemented in collaboration with Christian Solidarity International CSI, benefiting about 1000 families returning to their liberated areas.
  • On behalf of the Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network, Hammurabi Human Rights Organization prepared a declaration issued on the network's website condemning the statements issued fatwas and statements by Mr. Mahdi Al-Sumaidai that is not based on any value or Islamic tradition honest on the tolerant spiritual message by expiation of the celebration on the occasion of Christmas and the New year, Alliance of Iraqi Minorities Network appealed to maintain respect for religious diversity and the establishment of many bridges of stability and solidarity in the face of calls for discrimination and abuse, and issued the statement on 3/1/2019 "Details of the statement on the organization's website within the news of 3/1/2019"
  • A spokesman of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization described the women's wall of 600km in India against sex discrimination as a model of positive and effective protest and represents an appreciative cultural and media step. Kerala, India, has seen a long human chain formed by millions of women against conservative demonstrators which bans women of menstruating age to enter into Sabarimala temple a Hindu pilgrimage site. "Details in the statement of the authorized spokesman on the organization's website within the news on 5/1/2019"
  • Mrs. Pascale Warda, chairwoman of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, met Mrs. Valerie Bouayette , member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the French National Council, representing the eleventh and twelfth districts of the French city of Marseille on 7/1/2019. The meeting was attended by Mrs. Claudine Hernandez, Service Officer at the Bureau of Mrs. Bouayette and Mr. Jean Pierre, a well-known expert interested in the Iraqi issue. The two sides discussed number of issues and joint activities. The meeting took place during Mrs. Warda's tour in France. "Details in the news issued on the organization's website on 8/1/2019"
  • Mr. William Warda, Public Relations Officer at Hammurabi Human Rights Organization, received a delegation from Yazda organization at the organization's headquarters in Baghdad on January 8, 2019. The delegation include Mrs. Hutham Mohamed Ali, legal adviser to the organization, and Hassan Saham member of Baghdad office of the organization. During the meeting number of issues were discussed concerning the Eezidi component and the importance of more orientations that serve the issues of this component and agree on joint working mechanisms in a number of human rights projects. "Details in the news published on 12/1/2019"
  • Mr. William Warda, Public Relations Officer, discuss with Mr. Nabil Afram the possibility of cooperation and coordination between Hammurabi Human Rights Organization and Caritas International, which took place on Thursday 10/1/2019. "Details in the news published on 13/1/2019"
  • On January 7, 2019, the administration of Hammurabi Human Rights Organization presented to the Chairwoman of the Organization and the members of the Board the draft of the annual report prepared by the Organization on Human Rights in Iraq for the year 2018, for deliberation and precise revision in preparation for its announcement later after the completion of publication conditions.